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In 2008, ICANN approved the program to open up the Internet to thousands of new generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) in addition to existing ones such as .COM and .ORG. In response to the expansion and in recognition of what this could mean to financial institutions, their customers and Internet users, a coalition of banks, insurance companies and financial services trade associations partnered to establish fTLD Registry Services (fTLD) in order to apply for and operate the .BANK and .INSURANCE gTLDs on behalf of the global banking and insurance communities.

fTLD Registry Services, LLC was founded by leaders in the financial services community and is owned, operated and governed by banks, insurance companies and their respective trade associations from around the world. The .BANK domain was launched in May 2015 and more information is available at The .INSURANCE domain will launch in May 2016 and more information is available at

We have a deep understanding of the banking and insurance communities, their customers’ and their institutions’ needs. fTLD works diligently to enhance trust and security for .BANK and .INSURANCE. All applicants undergo a thorough verification process before being awarded a domain and must comply with strict registry policies.

Our mission is to operate trusted, verified, more secure and easily-identifiable places online for financial companies and the customers they serve.

Contact: Craig Schwartz, Managing Director, fTLD Registry Services (,