Trusted Email Registry
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Trusted Email Registry

BITS and the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) are pleased to offer complimentary email authentication support services to our member companies. Through the Trusted Email Registry, members can select either Agari or Return Path to provide domain-specific email reports that will help an institution strengthen the security of its email channel and reduce enterprise and consumer risks.

Features of the Agari and of Return Path services are below. For more information or questions, please contact Andrew Kennedy,




Agari collects terabytes of email data from sources across the Internet to assess, visualize, and protect against email threats to financial institutions, such as phishing and other fraud. Our service allows you to reduce reputational risk and protect your customers from fraud such as spam, phishing, and malware attacks. We do this by providing a holistic view of your email landscape from the cloud down, tracking down all servers sending email on your company’s behalf, publishing authorization policies to Mail Providers, and automatically feeding phish URLs to customers and their takedown vendors for immediate removal.


Domain Risk Analyzer

This online tool allows you to immediately assess domain vulnerability and standards-based compliance.


Free Test Drive of the Agari Service

Full access to the Agari cloud service, including any technical support.


Basic Risk Assessment

Let an Agari expert assess the reputational risk of your end-to-end email channel using sample data and discover how to better protect your customers.


Premium Risk Assessment

Let an Agari expert assess the reputational risk of your end-to-end email channel using AOL, Gmail, Hot Mail, and Yahoo! data and discover how to better protect your customers.


Member Discounts

All FS-ISAC and BITS members qualify for special pricing on the Agari platform.



Email Fraud Protection by Return Path proactively protects financial services organizations and their customers against fraudulent email activity. By blocking phishing and spoofing attacks before they ever reach your customers’ inbox, Return Path places trust back in the email channel – protecting your customers’ identities and preserving your brand equity. As a BITS / FS-ISAC member, you are entitled to the following Return Path services, free of charge:

Complimentary 30 day trial of Email Fraud Protection – Full access to Return Path Email Fraud Protection solution for 30 days, including any technical support.

Complimentary Domain Audit – Using data sources from over 70 ISP partners and 2+ billion mailboxes worldwide, we will prepare a customized audit complete with a prioritized list of actions to take to prioritize domains, and improve email authentication for your top email sending domains.

Complimentary Email Authentication Business Case – Business case to help justify the remediation of email authentication issues based on real-world examples.

Complimentary Inbox Placement and Email Reputation Audit Across Your Network – In depth review of whether email is being delivered across Return Path’s ISP network and if there are any reputation issues (end-user complaints, spam trap hits, high unknown user rates, low end user engagement and other factors).