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What the Presidential Candidates Said (Or Didn’t Say) About Americans’ Retirement in Wednesday’s Debate

October 29, 2015

By Alison Hawkins, VP of Communications at FSR: A third of Americans haven’t saved anything for retirement. Another third haven’t saved enough. By 2034, the Social Security trust fund will be exhausted and millions of people working toward retirement could be out of luck. Many workers are going to find themselves wanting to retire but will either be unable to do so or will have to retire under circumstances they never imagined for their golden years. And this is not just a personal problem, but a massive economic problem with red flags waving wildly in the wind.

Privacy Groups are Spreading CISA Myths

October 21, 2015

Privacy groups are out in force spreading rumors about the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA). To correct these factually inaccurate myths, FSR read the actual CISA bill and pulled the excerpts that directly rebut the privacy groups’ inaccuracies. (Click in the upper right corner of this email to see the images below.)

Privacy Group RUMOR: CISA will permit the sharing of Americans’ personal information with the government, while not strengthening cyber defenses.

36% of U.S. Banks Purchased .BANK Domains Names

October 21, 2015

In the United States there are approximately 6,800 banks. Right now, you’ll find most of them online at a .COM domain name—but all of that is starting to change. Since May 2015, 2,465 banks have purchased one or more .BANK domain names— signaling their commitment to providing a trusted, verified and more secure location online for their banking services.

Of Snake Oil, PINs and Breaches

October 20, 2015

What would happen if there was a decades-old drug that was only effective for a very small number of patients, had potential bad side effects and was rapidly being eclipsed by more effective drugs, yet a vocal minority continued to push this drug as the cure-all, and wanted to require everyone to take it?

In all likelihood, no one would take this snake oil sales pitch seriously.

All Eyes on the Boardroom

October 2, 2015

With the invention of the computer and networks such as the Internet, corporate assets and delivery channels have changed in composition from the physical to the digital. The risks to these assets have also evolved. Now, the risks corporations face are increasingly cyber enabled ones. Not surprisingly, policy makers, regulators, and increasingly, shareholders, have also trained their attentions on corporate cybersecurity and the Boards of Directors, which oversee the management of this cyber risk.