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Business Groups: Don’t Let Cybersecurity Bill Stall Out

August 19, 2015

Officials in the retail and financial sectors were able to push the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act through the House earlier this year, but the Senate has proved to be more challenging. Part of the reason is that privacy advocates have ramped up their criticism of the law—at times using unusual methods to make their point.

The Case for Easing Up on Financial Regulation

June 22, 2015

TIM PAWLENTY: Companies around the world finance their operations in many ways. Some companies borrow from banks or sell bonds, others sell company stock, and still others use alternative means to ensure they have capital needed to operate effectively, hire staff and produce goods or services.

Let’s protect investors’ ‘best interest’ — the right way

June 17, 2015

The president is right: financial advisers and companies that take advantage of hardworking Americans saving for retirement by recommending financial products that benefit themselves more than their clients don’t deserve to be in business. They should absolutely be held accountable — through fines, by being barred from working in financial services or, in the worst cases, serious jail time.

Congress must act against cyber crime

June 15, 2015

When consumer expectations don’t match reality, things can go terribly wrong.

Americans expect companies with which they do business to protect their sensitive personal and financial data. Yet, the reality is American consumers are under constant threat of identity theft and fraud due to lax security practices that leave the door open to cyber criminals.

Lock the door on credit card thieves

June 4, 2015

Pawlenty: If you knew a large group of highly trained and organized thieves was working in your neighborhood, how long would it take for you to lock your doors?

Of course, we would all do it immediately — and many of us would buy security systems and take other defensive steps as well.

Fighting Cyberattacks: A Financial Industry View

May 26, 2015

The “shortcomings” referred to in this editorial are in fact critically important legislative fixes that will empower businesses and government agencies with the best information to protect consumers and stay ahead of the rapidly evolving and increasingly malicious nature of cyberattacks.

The Boring Employee Benefit Silicon Valley Too Often Ignores

May 14, 2015

TIM PAWLENTY: As companies look to the future and contemplate strategies for recruiting and retaining next generation employees, Silicon Valley companies offer much to consider. But, there is one more thing they may also want to consider to further benefit their future and employees.