FSR advocates on behalf of members that provide and use payment products and services to promote fair competition, innovation and a vibrant payments industry.  Advocacy efforts focus on identifying trends, opportunities and challenges in a dynamic payments ecosystem, and addressing regulatory and compliance issues.


Retailers’ Public Shaming and the 2.3%

February 10, 2015

My son is almost five. He’s alarmingly good at making excuses, from being too full to finish dinner but starving for dessert, to explaining how he had nothing to do with Iron Man’s head detaching from his body. They’re not often logical, but they’re always creative.

Fed Payments Modernization Paper Elevates Security, Calls for Continued Collaboration

February 2, 2015

There were nearly 122.4 billion noncash payments in 2012, which were valued at $174.4 trillion, according to a study recently released by Federal Reserve. These numbers represent over 10x GDP in the same year. The U.S. payments system is at a critical juncture as the industry works toward re-orchestrating one of the largest, most complex payment systems in the global economy – no pressure!

Defying Logic

December 12, 2014

High school debaters learn about the art of rhetoric. They learn how to persuade people and how to avoid logical […]

All Industries Should Have Equal Data Security Standards

November 12, 2014

On November 6, 2014, a group of organizations representing elements of the retail industry wrote to you regarding recent breaches of consumer information. Their letter, unfortunately, is inaccurate and misleading, and recommends solutions that leave consumers vulnerable to enhanced risk of data breaches. The undersigned financial services organizations wish to set the record straight.