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Rule Delay Right Move to Protect Retirement Savers

August 30, 2017

A reasonable delay will allow proper coordination between the SEC and DoL, resulting in an improved ‘best interest’ rule that will benefit even more savers than the rule currently proposed by just the DoL.

FSR Welcomes Progress on Tax Reform

July 27, 2017

Today’s announcement reflects Republican leaders have a unified purpose. They agree on key principles necessary to enact tax reform that will help jumpstart economic growth and create quality jobs for the American people.

FSR Releases Workplace Financial Wellness Resource Guide

July 19, 2017

Financial wellness at work is increasingly important both to employers and to employees. A financially capable workforce is more satisfied, engaged, and productive. The resource guide provides steps to help employers implement financial education programs at the workplace.

Financial Industry Supports Tax Reform to Bolster Economic Growth

July 17, 2017

FSR strongly supports the Committee’s overall goal of enacting a simpler, fairer, and a more efficient tax code that significantly reduces tax rates on individuals, businesses, and investment income. Such reforms will create jobs, increase wages, bolster economic growth, and make America a more attractive place to invest.