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Save 10 is a business to business, peer to peer effort to encourage responsible employers to help their employees better prepare for a secure retirement by enabling them to Save 10% of their income, including through automatic savings programs.

SAVE 10 is a coalition of best-in-class employers and resource partners who offer, are committed to offering, or are helping Americans achieve retirement security through Saving 10%.

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Video Contest winner announced!

“Sally's Lemonade” – Paige Rood, Utah

The response to our Save 10 $tories Video Contest was huge! And after your votes were tallied, we have a winner. Congratulations to Paige Rood from Utah State University who takes home the grand prize of ,000! “Sally’s Lemonade” tells the story of a girl named Sally who saved 10% of her earnings from a lemonade stand toward retirement. The end result is a strong, successful financial future. Thanks to Paige and all our contestants who showed America who, when, why, and how anyone can Save 10.


You have a 100% chance of winning this lottery

January 14, 2016

Chances are, you woke up this morning to learn you weren’t the winner of the Powerball’s $1.5 billion lottery. Life will go on as usual (unless you emptied your savings on Powerball tickets…then not so much).

Who Puts an IRA on their Holiday Wish List?

December 10, 2015

I recently wrote about taking some time to remember yourself this holiday season. I noted that the average American spends $765 on holiday gifts and how by taking just a small amount of that to put into a retirement account — say $50 a month — can grow to thousands of dollars if you start early enough.

2016 Democratic Candidates Should Address America’s Retirement Challenge on Saturday

November 13, 2015

by Alison Hawkins, VP of Communications at FSR:America faces many big challenges, from homeland security to the best way to reduce income inequality. The 2016 presidential race is providing Americans important opportunities to have a dialogue on what matters. One issue of critical importance -to families and to the whole economy- is the looming retirement savings challenge we have coming our way.

Media Advisory: FSR’s #FeeltheEarn ‘Making Retirement Great Again’ Features Importance of Hill Staffers, Americans Saving for Retirement

November 13, 2015

On Tuesday November 17, the Financial Services Roundtable (FSR) and its Save 10 Initiative are hosting a retirement event exploring how millennials define, think about and prepare for retirement. FSR will host a conversation featuring the experiences of real millennials and examine how Capitol Hill staffers and other young adults can begin planning for their financial future.

Candidates Should Talk About This Crisis

November 10, 2015

Presidential candidates are busy staking out positions on issues ranging from foreign affairs to the regulation of fantasy football. But one critically important issue has been largely overlooked in the campaign so far. It’s an issue that profoundly impacts the current or future well-being of nearly every American. The issue is the pressing need for Americans to better prepare for their retirement or life after they no longer are able to work.

U.S. Presidential Candidates Need to Talk More About Securing Retirement, Saving Money, American Workers Say

November 10, 2015

American workers want U.S. presidential candidates talking more about their plans to ensure more Americans have a secure retirement, strengthen the economy and help people save more for their financial futures.

Nearly 68% of American workers say 2016 presidential candidates have not been talking enough about ensuring Americans have a secure retirement, a new nationwide poll released by the Financial Services Roundtable (FSR) and Morning Consult shows.