CSR Programs include financial education, support of social causes, products that assist the underserved, and protecting the environment.

CSR Mission
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CSR Mission

FSR’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program promotes the positive impact FSR member companies make in their local communities, nationwide, and worldwide by investing in social business opportunities and supporting the work of non-profit and other organizations, with a focus on financial education, community development, and the environment. CSR Programs include financial education, support of social causes, products that assist the underserved, and protecting the environment.


Corporate Social Responsibility Honorary Congressional Host Committee

The CSR Honorary Congressional Host Committee is an honorary committee of members of Congress who support Corporate Social Responsibility and financial literacy efforts nationally and in their local community, often working closely with FSR member companies.

Corporate Social Responsibility Leadership Awards

The Corporate Social Responsibility Leadership award demonstrates appreciation and encouragement to the employees of Roundtable member companies for their commitment to the values of volunteerism, corporate social responsibility, and financial literacy. All FSR member companies are eligible for the award.