November 9, 2017


IBERIABANK Bank at School Program

IBERIABANK Bank at School Program
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Student tellers assist with IBERIABANK Bank at School participants making deposits at Daspit Elementary.

IBERIABANK is committed to financial literacy for not only adults, but for children, too. What began over 14 years ago at Daspit Elementary School in New Iberia, Louisiana, now serves four schools and nearly 500 students in South Louisiana, with a unique and successful Bank at School Program.

IBERIABANK Bank at School student tellers happy and ready to assist program participants.

The Bank at School program is designed to teach importance of savings, calculating interest, opening accounts, making deposits. Each Bank at School branch is staffed by sixth grade students who operate their branch under the oversight of a team of IBERIABANK associates and teachers. Throughout the school year, all participants are taught how to open a bank account, calculate interest, and make deposits. At year-end, students close their accounts gaining lifelong financial skills from this experience.

Daspit Elementary students selected to work the IBERIABANK branch for their Bank at School program.


Students make deposits at IBERIABANK Bank at School program at Magnolia Elementary.

As schools continue to seek innovative, appropriate, and simple ways to incorporate fun learning experiences into their classrooms, partnerships like Bank at School allow banks to provide a meaningful and effective financial education.

Congratulations IBERIABANK!