June 1, 2018


IBERIABANK Reaches 5,000 Students with Financial Literacy Effort

IBERIABANK Reaches 5,000 Students with Financial Literacy Effort
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Orlando- Theresa Unger - IBERIABANK associate, Terry Unger, enjoyed teaching the importance of saving to Kindergarten students at Hamilton Elementary in Orlando, FL.

IBERIABANK recently joined forces with schools across seven states to participate in the American Bankers Association’s Teach Children to Save campaign. Over 200 IBERIABANK associates from the commercial, retail, senior management, finance, marketing, and other departments volunteered by teaching over 5,000 elementary and middle school students in 32 markets.

Naples, FL – Smiles for saving! These students were excited to receive their IBERIABANK piggy banks after completing their Teach Children to Save lesson.

IBERIABANK’s goal with the continued partnership with this program is to begin establishing a mindset for students to become lifelong savers by motivating them and instilling positive habits at a young age. Lessons focused on the differences between needs and wants, how to save, reasons to save, and where to save.

“Supporting the communities that we serve is an important part of our Company’s mission statement,” stated Daryl Byrd, IBERIABANK President and CEO. “Our associates show true dedication by volunteering to teach financial literacy which reflects their commitment to improving our communities.”

Congratulations IBERIABANK!