The FSR Chief Risk Officers Council
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The FSR Chief Risk Officers Council


The FSR Chief Risk Officers Council

FSR members are eligible to designate participants in FSR’s Chief Risk Officers Council and its associated working groups. The CRO Council is an organization dedicated to improving the risk management practices of the industry and ensuring that regulators and other Washington decision makers coordinate with the industry to ensure risk management
governance requirements are correctly calibrated to reasonably protect against a wide variety of prudential, systemic, and enterprise risks.

CRO Council Activities & Benefits

• Two in-person conferences each year featuring remarks from key regulators and other industry stakeholders.
• Cross-sector networking opportunities.
• Monthly update e-mails on legislative and regulatory developments that are of note to risk management professionals.
• Opportunity to assign staff to participate in a variety of CRO risk management subgroups.
• Ability to shape FSR’s advocacy and research agenda on risk management topics.


Current CRO Council Working Groups

Model Validation: The group discusses a variety of topics related to the development and management of risk models. Calls are held the third Tuesday of each month.
Resolution Planning: Discussion in this group is focused on the resolution planning processes required of bank holding companies and insured depository institutions with assets of more than $50 billion. Calls are held the third Wednesday of each month.
FR Y-14 Submissions: The group is focused on the information collections required by the Federal Reserve pursuant to its Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review exercise. The group meets quarterly with the staff of the Federal Reserve. Group conference calls are held every other week on Wednesday.
CCAR Governance: The group addresses the risk management governance process dictated under the Federal Reserve’s CCAR standards. Calls will be held the third Thursday of every month.

To learn more about the agenda and activities of the CRO Council, please contact Robert Hatch,